Cell C reveals yawns and misses

Gary Bryant has published an article on Biz Community about Cell Cs new brand identity. Why? Not why to Gary, why to Cell C? Seriously. Such a strong identity as it was – and so well connected to their audience – why then go ahead and pick a new tangent? For?

And is the running away from red a fear for Vodacom’s impending move to red (Vodafone)? I mean really kids. If it ain’t broke and all that stuff. What happened to the cool and soothing notes of Cell C for yourself and the confident identity that went with it? That was Hi to the Larious. New look is not.


Check out Mr. Bryant’s commentary on the cringe-close payoff lines here.

Update: What is with the Trevor Noah TVC? Also not hilarious. He asks for your comments at telltrevor.co.za. Better things to do have we.

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