iPad2: Some just get it so write

I go green when I look at work like this.


Industry-people understand that a lot goes into the production of a commercial like this. But before the iPad2 Director was briefed, the animation genius was told he has to deliver a big commercial within a budget of $3.50, or the art director found out that he had to shimmy-clean the real iPad2 product after every take and that, no, after 16 product samples (and 747 takes), none would be left behind (for him); some guy had to be responsible for what you see here: the concept.

The Copywriter.

Yes! Production people work! And work hard at making it happen. But before all of this got to pre-production debate, a Copywriter sat in his favourite place to write. He enticed words to dance along printed lines of the page, concepts to pirouette from the margins right-ward – and thoughts about the iPad2 to commit themselves properly so that pictures could be formed for clients to understand. Sure, it can be easy when the product speaks for itself. But when is it ever really easy?


And neither is a blank page. So massive-kudos to Copywriters Ted Kapusta and Jamie Reilly from TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA. Sure, I don’t know what your agency culture is like, nor how much control your client, or CD Demian Oliveira exerted, but your final product is worth pretty pencils. Because no matter how sexy the product is, I still don’t belove the iPad2 made work easy for you!

I am a Copywriter. It is awesome though it is never easy. But it is times like these I feel green, because people like you just got it so write!

Credits: Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA; Chief Creative Officer: Duncan Milner; Executive Creative Directors: Eric Grunbaum, Scott Trattner; Group Creative Directors: Chuck Monn, Steve Turner; Creative Director: Demian Oliveira; Associate Creative Director: Simon Cassels; Art Directors: Melinda Keough, Mark Sloan; Copywriters: Ted Kapusta, Jamie Reilly; Agency Producers: Anne Oburgh, R.J. Pomeroy, Chelsea Larner; Production Co: Green Dot Films; Director: Mark Coppos; DP: Rebecca Baehler, Fernando Cardenas; Editorial Co: Nomad Editing Company, Inc.; Editor: Jared Coller; Post Co: d train; Artists: Ben Gibb

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