Get Up!

I care if you think this is self-righteous. I care if you don’t get what the big deal is all about. I care if you watch this and feel nothing because I care about being able to feel the same things most other people in the world are allowed to feel. And I care about you.

The mere fact that same sex marriage has been a contested issue for so long puts a very different angle on understanding and connecting with it – even sometimes for the couples who are in these relationships. If you spend almost every waking moment together, even when not in the same room, there should be no hesitation, insecurity or law that prohibits you from making the announcement to each other and the world.

It’s time. Globally.

Created by the Motion Picture Company, Australia.


Yes, it is Justin Bieber. And yes, it is corny. But it’s also memorable. Love or hate the odd phenomenon that he has become, this must have made you smile? Come on, admit it… His performance is honest, the ridiculousness of the screaming men is something to see and – at the end of it all – supporting this cause helps the Make A Wish foundation.

If I lived in New York, I’d be there. Would you?

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA.


(Open in a new tab to listen while you read – It Rains In The End)


There are places with heartbeats in memories I’ve forgotten,
ways that this gift is polluted by the mundane and the rotten.
There are people I try to think like and impress on these days,
and in so lose sight of my light on this Milky Way.

I lose patience. I forget the inner. I misplace the magic and the wonder,
and everything-me that I’ve built up gets smothered and washed under.
I separate from the Intelligence of Strength and Love in Poetry,
while I ask for permission to play on their playground of alien-symmetry.

Unblock. Unblind. Unconstrict and see,
this planet and how to live with glitter inside its periphery.
It doesn’t take a long time to become the person you want to be,
but a headless chicken ‘till I know it, lost in unscheduled purgatory.

There is no braver beauty than what lives in your mind and your soul,
a dynamic that can slay that which makes you feel anything less than whole.
The real way to add value starts with how you see what you see in the mirror,
marinated in how you realize your passion and the allure of your splendor.

It is your own enchanted mind that creates your comedy and your tragedy,
which makes wrestling with your darkness seem such a terrible waste of energy.
Imbibe power from the view of places you thought only God could see,
and acknowledge that recognition and feedback is just your own lock-and-key…


I know that the path ends and begins with where I am standing right now,
and that this is truer than true when I see that I know how…
To unblock. To unblind. To unconstrict and to see,
this planet and how I am living with glitter inside its periphery.

© Dylan Balkind


The absence of war

Global conflict is something that armchair activists from all around the world are so disillusioned with. Yet that’s where they sit, complaining about the state of nations north and south while living in some derisory hope that one day they will wake up and all of these problems will have gone away. Just like that. Governments are like personalities though – you’re not going to like all of them all of the time. And if you’ve got a lot to say and nothing to do – try figuring out away to swap those two things around.

Inspiring then when a brand makes such a bold statement as seen in this work by agency Fabrica Italy for Benetton. Putting these bold, mesmerizing images in the spotlight to highlight the Unhate Foundation by drawing attention to the conflict between the Vatican and Al Azhar, North and South Korea, China and the USA, Germany and France, Venezuela and the USA, and Palestine and Isreal – makes you think about what could be possible with a little more kindness in the world.

The juxtaposition of such different imagery is not an entirely new idea but considering the context, I don’t think it’s a problem. A certain unstoppable talent once said that peace is much deeper than the absence of war. Imagine we could all just get along…

Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. Imagine all the people. Living life in peace.

© Dylan Balkind

Cool for Coca Cola

I like it because it’s clever and doesn’t shove logos and branding down your throat. Sure, there may be a brand manager somewhere that has wet her panties because the cool side is blue – not red – but that’s how a temperature switch works in a car, see? And, not everything has to be retail porn that spoon-feeds the consumer. The font is unmistakeable and the shape of the bottle says it all. Coca Cola, enjoy.

Nice bold move.
© Dylan Balkind


Worth a giggle

Sometimes concepts are odd. And God knows they could afford to be so more often. Talkability is king however and what with Royal weddings, Kardashian weddings (and divorces to pave the way for more weddings… surprise!), this spot still offers some relevant connection with us. Although if produced a little sooner, it would have been more memorable and offered greater impact.

Still, worth a giggle. Even if it’s just a little one.

New iPhone 4S TVCs

Oscar Wilde said that everything popular is wrong. Despite being the genius he was, he never lived long enough to the see the recently released stream of TV ads for the iPhone 4S. I’m not talking Justin Bieber popular, I’m talking the kind of next-level popular that we haven’t even come to understand yet. No surprise then that Apple’s almost supernatural degree of understanding of consumer desires and the ability to continually deliver on those puts them eighth (up from 17th in 2010) in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report.

Are you sitting down?

© Dylan Balkind

My kind of camping

I really really like this. It’s an old take on wanting an excuse to drive your new car while speaking to my lack of sense of adventure when it comes to camping, running water and adequate ablution facilities. And as DDB Sydney tells it, when you’re choosing a car like the Tiguan, you are going to start expecting the finer things in life.

Director: Sean Meehan; ECD: Dylan Harrelson; CDs: Steve Wakelam & Nick Pringle; Copywriter: Malcolm Caldwell; Art Director: Ian Broekhuizen; Production Company: SOMA Films; Executive Proucer: Sam McGarry.