Concepts with heart

MetropolitanRepublic puts taste on the fingertips of the visually impaired.

This is exactly how talkability is started and the power it has to take an idea and make it viral. Ironic that you are watching this – all things considered. What you choose to share through social media is the real clincher.

I like. Do you?

Creative Director: Wes Phelan
Art Director: Dale Mullany
Copywriter: Keith Manning
Director: Will Collinson
Music: Loyiso Madinga
Photographer: Mike & Nick
Retoucher: Darren Bell

If getting blood was this easy…

100% for Talkability!

Advertising Agency: Z +, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Alan Strozenberg, Leo Macias, Mané Zanzoti
Art Directors: Danillo Ferrari, Luigi Alliegro
Copywriter: Zé Ricardo Novoa
Account Managers: Renata Vieitas, Juliana Sanches
Production Company: Mixer
Director: Rodrigo Ferrari
Photography: Dado Carlini
Sound company / Sound track: Tralálá

History 101

If it’s not on Facebook, you can’t expect kids to know about it. So when it comes to lessons of Marie Antoinette, Bruce Lee, Napoleon, Darth Vader, Jesus and even Michael Jackson, there’s no doubt that generation-now needs arresting ways to get it into their heads.

Enter Agency H-57, Milan, with these entertaining summaries of those historical figures. They may not help you pass your exams, but grasp the gist of it and it will be easier to fill in the blanks.

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