Don’t axe your chances with the ladies

Attraction. An innate quality that inspires what moves and motivates both men and women. It is why we drive what we drive, wear what we wear and smell the way we choose to smell. And whether you aim to drop jaws or find yourself having to remember where yours is, the appeal of the preferred sex is responsible for most of the decisions you make. Seriously.

Playboy Deodorant’s reinvented brand launches this week with a new look, a new vibe and a lot more appeal. A lead TV Commercial flights later this week and I’m giving you the first look.

And because attraction doesn’t work if it isn’t edgy, there are two viral executions that explain just what we mean when we talk about The Power of Attraction – and what it means if you just don’t have it.

Don’t axe your chances with the ladies.

Use Playboy Deodorant.

The Power of Attraction.

Tell me I’m the only one you love…

After the incorrigible persistence of Steve and his banality for FNB, a banking ad that breaks through the clutter and makes us sit up and take note is more refreshing than lemonade. TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris has reinterpreted Standard Bank’s payoff line – Moving Forward – for their latest epic now flighting on TV.

Look again. It’s not just stock footage. The deft Kim Geldenhuys from Egg Pictures along with the help of Kobus Loots’ editing hands at Upstairs Post has brought the spot to life by (almost) seamlessly positing actual characters into historical moments – all singing the ever-catchy Sh Boom Sh Boom (Life Could Be A Dream), originally written by The Chords.

Nice work. We like.

Read more about this work here.

The truth about cats and me


This is something I have been thinking about for a long time. I have grown up a lot and so I didn’t want to say this too soon because I wanted to use my big brain to give it a lot of my thought. But I am still confused. You see, since I came to my new house to live with my family, I have known the kitty. My people loved me on the first day but the kitty did not. When I bounce to them and bark at them and kiss them with my tongue, my people love me. When I do the same to the kitty, she does not.

This is the kitty.I think that the kitty may be sad because I have more brown fur than she does. But she shouldn’t worry because I don’t judge kitties on how much brown fur they have. In fact, her brown is more ginger. But she shouldn’t be upset because when I listened to BBC Knowledge, they said that gingers are a dare breed. I think she is very daring. I once saw her have a staring contest with a bird. She sat inside the house and the bird ate its crumbs on my grass. The bird must have been scared because as soon as it finished my crumbs, he flapped his wings and flew up to sit on the wall. I must also be a dare breed because I am also very daring.

Look at me.

I think the kitty may also be sad because I can run around my house all over my floor and she has to jump up and sit on shelves and watch me running on my floor. But she shouldn’t be upset. I would let her run on my floor with me because I am not a spiteful.

I think the kitty may also be sad because she has to sleep in Gogo’s room. My people have put a latch on the Gogo’s door which only leaves it a bit open. I can’t get in to tell her she can come out but if I could, then I think she would understand that I would let her run on my floor with me. She has to stay in there all day sleeping on Gogo’s bed in the sun. That can’t be fun for her. When the sun is up, we must run all over my house and wag our tails. I think she wants to run all around and wag her tail too but she can’t get out because of the latch. I would help her because I am good at showing all animals how to wag their tails.

This is me sitting on my grass.

Today was a very important day. My Dad bought me a brand new collar and a new harness from my animal’s shop. This is very important because I use it to lead my Dad when we go to my park so that he knows where we must walk and where I must make my wee’s. But I think the kitty may also be sad because she didn’t get a harness. And when we go to my park she can’t come because she doesn’t have a harness. If she got a harness she would never need a brand new one from my animal’s shop because she is the same size. I think she should eat more so that she can get bigger like me. When she doesn’t eat, I show her where her food is by eating it because I thought maybe she forgot on that day. I think she needs a harness.

The truth about cats and me is that I am still not sure. But I will keep trying because I really really love that kitty.

My name is Finn. I love the kitty.

My letter to the world

“Each time a man strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.”

~ Ted Kennedy

If you are feeling like a lot of people I talk to, you too have had enough of putting up with all the bullshit in the world. By our shoddy governments. By banks. By each other. By our willingness to suffice by coasting through life without asking why… or why not?

It is a revolutionary world we live in. But we have stopped being revolutionary. At the work of our own hands, we have done the unthinkable and changed what lies beneath our feet irreversibly and forever. We have allowed the spaces between us to become polluted with hate, aggression and greed. If you want something, you take it. By hurt or force or death. And if it is taken from you, you endure it.

There is a heavy and unending suffocation and suppression in the sadness and suicide of our hearts. Our future should lie beyond our vision in hope, and because it doesn’t, the burden of tomorrow’s reality has never been bigger.

We are so complacent in our imperfection because we simply accept that someone else will sort things out. We have stopped being revolutionary. We have stopped having heart. We tolerate. We accept. We stay silent. But surely we can try harder to be better? To show up in our lives? To not tolerate the systems that don’t work for us anymore? The people. The organisations. The psychology. The dogma.

We do not have to live in fear, in times of danger and uncertainty about our wellbeing or the value of life. We do not need to be suffocated by a moral or psychological debt that has been determined by people we will never meet. We do not have to tolerate or accept simply because we have been told to do so.

Remember what the five-year-old-you wanted: to be happy.

Your moral courage should be motivated simply by how you feel when you are true to yourself, and when you don’t accept anything other than what you want for your life. There is quality in the commitment and perseverance to being happy. If you stand up for your ideas and your ideals, the ripple of hope will recruit.

So ask yourself: What was I thinking?

Be revolutionary.

The end.

The beginning.

A change is coming.


© Dylan Balkind

I am bigger now


My Dad says I have come a long way because I am getting bigger all the time but he doesn’t have to tell me because I know because I stopped making wee’s inside. And because everyday I am taller. And because I can sleep through the whole night without needing a wee. This is me sleeping through the night, look.

But the best thing is that yesterday I went to my park and my Dad let me off my leash so I could walk all by myself! I was very good and never ran away even. Look at me walking without being on the leash. That’s me.

And here’s me playing in the water without being on the leash. See?

I have this harness that my Dad connects my leash to. The proof that I have grown is in these photos. These are my photos of me at the park in my harness. Look at the difference. This is little me when I was little. This picture shows when my harness was too big even on it’s smallest setting.

And see this one of me now? That’s me yesterday and my harness is smaller even, on the biggest setting it can go.

I need a new harness.

My name is Finn. And I am bigger now.

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