the year

Madonna brought the story of Argentina’s First Lady to the big screen.

Prince Charles’ own first lady stated her intent to divorce him.

Dolly the cloned sheep was introduced to the world.

So was Mad Cow Disease.

And I guess, in the way of the bubble we basked in back then, so were we.

We were in that one moment in time – otherwise known as Matric.

That milestone where making something of yourself is no longer some middle-of-nowhere narrative, but a moment that’s come.

It’s funny how different milestones look when they’re behind you…

Makes sense, I guess.

Growing up, they call it.

The world’s seen a lot come and go since then. As will have you. And in just a few short months, it will be the year we’ll call our 20 Year Reunion.

I guess that’s the time lapse trigger I’ve been toying with… And having to understand my own would require revisiting stories told and tolled by me from both back then versus now…

That’s perspective.

Or growing up, they call it. 😉

Looking back is the brightest way of recognising your biggest lessons. Yet despite everything we’ve earned and own, we succumb to the suction of vapid invitations (usually visual) that chastise us to change… all without knowing anything about us or our life’s toils — regardless of the ratio of tribulations to triumphs!

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Sentiments (for sale) via statements like these will have you chasing your tail, reaching for another rung above, a smaller waistline,  a month with more money than minutes, a captain’s jersey, a day without detention…

I’m not goading goal-making, but rather those that are given versus those that are genuine.

HM cards

That’s some business!

Want-lists that someone else (gets paid to) writes can consume your living… until you come to the intersection of You and You… and love both the long and short routes.

When you do, you’ll recognise that perhaps all that needs changing is what you tussle with, trading too much of your time for.

Because your soul’s supercharge is suffocated by systemic dictations that just disguise “simplicity” or “sensible” as ways to single file sameness.

“Everything must be made as simple as possible.
But not simpler.”
― Albert Einstein

When the revisiting of your struggles leaves you feeling simpler, is when you understand them via someone else’s definitions. What follows is you spending a lot of your time waiting…

Waiting for:
– a grading
– a rating
– a revolution
– a reunion

Waiting for:
– momentum by the masses
– attention from pedestalled asses
– who conscript you into classes
– cutting your stems so you fit into their vases

Don’t take the bait that makes you wait, and attempt countless changes while you do.

The big lesson you long for is You.

It is all the moments you’ve lived and learned already.

But what of that growing guilt because:
– your stomach’s a little stodgier
– your overdraft’s out of whack
– your mommy mechanism isn’t like the other mommy’s mechanisms
– your moxie giving was once called madness by the mundane

It’s there because you let it in – and without an RSVP!

That’s guilt given (which can never be genuine!).

So stop allowing it.

Respect your reality.

You are capable. You are complete. You are colourful.

And those gatherings that are given to soapboxing things as either black or white only… are those where the grey doesn’t matter.

So what if it all feels uphill-both-ways most of the time?

You should be an amateur at life!

The contrary is something six feet under – right?

And anyway, the colourful collections of all the breezy downhilling you’ve done just don’t stick as firmly in your memory as the struggles do.

But they’re all there.

As many – if not more of them.

Change is something you live, without the instruction to do so.

It is most rewarding when its passage was principle to your progress — something you’ll only get when it’s part of your past; the naturalness of it negating the need for a soapbox to scream its story from.

Looking back is the tally of your truth.

All that you’ve traded your time here for.

So be precious with yours.


Here’s a quote I can agree with…

 …and here’s why: 
♕ Start with You, first
♕ Love You deeply, first
♕ Let go easily of what weighs You down
♕ Do it from You to You – for You
♕ Because You deserve better!




It’s time to meet yourself.

And when you do, you’ll see how worth loving that individual really is!


You and your Elixir is nothing short of 24 Carat cool!

© Dylan Balkind


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