Midnight Swan

Party to paranoia. Dance floor to dungeon.

You’re supposed to go from war-ready to womb-raw — in any unmentionable space of time.

And that’s okay.

Everybody needs a little time away.

Sometimes, a time-out from yourself and the treadmill you tremble with (to consider things from another point of view), is main-meal mandatory.

It’s no simple sail though.

si vis pacem para bellum

If you want peace, be prepared to go to war — with your womb-warm worries if nothing else.


This is not an unforgivable setback, or traitor-to-yourself trip.

It’s called Human.

You won’t find many to openly agree, but heart-stitched hearts are actually all the rage.

And if you’re really lucky, coming back around might allow for the magic of meeting yourself.

Any port in a storm. 

Off guard.

Off the cuff.

Off the beaten track.


© Dylan Balkind

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