Streaming Treehouse

Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them.

Much of the time, these meetings are functional more than fervour, and the arrangement of how and where you fit in is no different to that ‘system’ teachers used when they told you where to sit in each new class of each New Year.

Contrived by control, rather than creating by connection.

The catch however, is that the expectation of your output is the same: you must create now because you’ve met (are among some others in an office of sorts). And creating is how we all transact no matter who you are or what you do, and inevitably to earn a living.

It’s not the way of the world I’m frustrated by. It’s the funnelled somnolence that simply agrees because confrontation is seen as counter-cultural.

Why is confrontation seen as complication rather than collaboration – or at least its precursor? The challenging of: why do we reach our left hands over our heads to scratch our right ears, when there’s a easier smarter way to complete that?

So Are You Still Mad is a good question. Because, and I promise you this, that nine and five quarters of the people you ask will choke on whatever they put in their mouth to avoid having to answer. Because to say ‘yes, actually I am…’ makes you difficult, prickly or too sensitive, which complicates things for the collective to gold star with breakthroughs. And you have to show up in life; to those people you must meet so that you can create, yes?

Showing up starts with the soul.


And although it’s healthy to heal, let go and move on, you have to actually allocate the time and energy to the self-respecting process of actually doing that. Whether your alleviation is best achieved through techniques arcane – or arcade – it’s yours to apply. Anything less is like making lists of chores to do and never checking any of them off.

After all this, it is lottery-rare to connect with another conscious conscience like your own.

A magical child who understands your passion to be polarised from unsympathetic characters.

So it seems unfitting when they “ask” you for something that your own soul salutes. Because when those two are such tight teammates, then the “giving” is actually binary, brought to bless both by the brief itself.

This was mine. One week ago.


Ergo, all the thoughts and theories herein, for the lady doth propel so much.

Err, both of them. Catherine and Alanis.

And what a wonder it is to have this streaming-treehouse we can meet in, to heart-sleeve our havocs and our homages with howls that bring us back to happy. Back to brave. Back to beautiful. Buttoned more than billboard.

The answer to Are You Still Mad is always lighter after one of our meets.

Thank U Ottawa. Opinion. Ownership. Oblation. Thank U sincerity, sentimentality and serendipity.

What a magical moment it was, just before 10pm on December 23rd – 2013.

Just thought you oughta know.


© Dylan Balkind

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