Temporary Genuine

Franky. Yanky. Play hanky panky. Promises with fingers crossed behind backs like so skanky. Give gifts. Receive same. Sign that you know of Liberty, then take it. Trade it. Wage it like commodity. What proof can you hand our youth when uncouth action is the retraction of truth? Constant. Arrogant. Their memory sieve, should at best forgive…

By hook or by crook, if lenience is the title on the book — then where be benevolence? Forgiveness? Understanding-sought-deliverance? Deliberate is the duck-diving convivial… when book not in first-language written, the understand of behaviour behaved-back is invisible.

The fragility of accountability is embossed like braille over an earth seen from heaven. Hope. Faith. Truth for rent… from leaders all temporary genuine.

I wonder how often reflection trumps deflection when not insistent on being first to have their say? Do they every wonder about these things I call the Gallery of DNA?

This is our time to try to turn… temporary genuine, into contemporary genuine.


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