Before Finn, my niece Hannah was the closest thing I’ve known to having my own child.

I say ‘before’ as if that has since-changed. I shouldn’t… because it hasn’t.

For her Birthday two years ago, I made a geeky video-story about how we first met… my-Hannah and I.

Thinking about how quickly the world has changed in just two years makes me inhale sharply like you do when you dive into a pool that surprises you with how much colder it really is than you’d first thought… But you catch your breath (and are then wider awake than before you dove!). That’s how I feel when I catch glimpses of her superlative sojourn, and which — every time — leave me feeling quite sure that there is some truth behind that oft-coy cliche:

Everything is just as it should be.

Ergo, if two years is staggering… sixteen will floor anyone who remembers those, then. When you were all of the big and the broken of being sweet-sixteen. And, if you can’t (shame, fail!), maybe just having a sixteen year old near you will help? Your own or even one close enough…

I’d kill for You.
And I love You more than lots and lots of many things, but mostly because doing that makes me see, gasp, and grasp my appreciation of those lots and lots of many things too.

So here, for you, 3rd October, 2017 ~ your SUITE | XVI … don’t they go by in a blink?


Happy Birthday Banunkian! 


PS: Due to copyright snags, this video can be watched via YouTube (but only on a computer, specifically [not phone or tablet] or downloaded via DropBox via the option above.


Thanks 🙂




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