Advertising meets Tourism-Promotion: Eurostar

The link between Advertising, Marketing and Tourism has always been obvious to me. I have always been the kind of person who is starved for imagery. It feeds the imagination and lays the foundations that cement goals. It was Aristotle who said that the soul cannot think without a picture. I agree. This must be the very reason I used to trawl travel agencies as a child, asking for brochures on America and Europe to take back to my bedroom where I would leaf through the pages with just-washed-hands and let my imagination run wild on where I could go and what I could do when I got there.

The only thing that has changed is that I don’t go to travel agencies anymore – and just because it is so easy to find everything and anything on our computers. Ergo, we are no less stimulated and impressed by imagery. So when it comes to Advertising and Tourism, the key is no doubt to incite, invite, titillate and motivate. This is a powerful combination that will make the viewer to want to go there!

Eurostar has harnessed the power of imagery with their “When Was The Last Time You Visited London?” print ads. Using someone that looks like your aunt, a young boy that could be you or your neighbour and an odd looking couple that could do with a makeover – these drive the point that, in answer to the question the ad asks, it has obviously been too long. Ad critics might look way beyond the point and argue all sorts of drivel; why should you go to London just because you haven’t been there in a long time? Well, why not? Go find something else to badger! For €88 from Paris or Lille to London, that’s all they want you to know. It’s easy, it’s accessible, and it lets you know that you could be there when you might have thought you couldn’t. Throw in a little comedy with the way these print ads are styled and I reckon you’ve got a great – and effective – campaign.

With the London Olympics on many people’s minds, Wimbledon ever year, a plethora of A-List Stars performing all the time – not to mention a host of other mega attractions – there is a lot on offer in the city of the high tea. Why not simply advertise this? Jolly good show to Eurostar and their agency “leg” I say ol chap! It is what it is, and it’s great! Aristotle had it down pat. What tourism ads have you seen lately that made you want to abuse your credit card?

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