Advertising meets Tourism-Promotion: Remembering 2010

As we draw the brain-engine out of the shed and fire it up for a feisty 2011, we will no doubt be dusting off some great 2010 memories and memorabilia; car flags, Vuvuzela’s and Makarapa’s. Remember when the 2010 World Cup was all we heard and talked about, and when TV, billboards and print media were consumed by a power like no other – the World Cup Currency! Here in South Africa, we saw a total Footie takeover like nothing we could compare it to.

I think it is interesting to see how we looked from the outside in, and what foreign tourism councils did in their bid to get their nations behind their teams, bums in aeroplane seats and voice boxes in stadiums. From ambient to print, and CSI to motivational, these are some powerful and memorable advertising images from a poignant and memorable year that no doubt did tremendous amounts for inbound tourism.

The combination of the attraction to this sport and how well it was marketed locally and abroad obviously did something right! “Nine out of ten foreigners visiting South Africa for the purposes of the World Cup said that they would recommend South Africa to friends or family as a holiday destination, according to African Response’s World Cup Visitor Survey,” (Malan Jacobs,

Whatever 2011 is going to be, it has big shoes to fill. A lot of people are still to be convinced that 2010 was a great year after all, but whatever it was to you individually, it saw us host the World Cup. It also gave Advertising and Tourism many great opportunities to celebrate what billions of people around the world love and admire: No, not football or soccer. Togetherness.

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