Advertising meets Tourism-Promotion: South Africa

We take for granted what we are surrounded with here in South Africa – and boy do we have a lot! Sometimes it takes a South African Tourism ad to remind us of this beauty we live so close to. Advertising for Tourism – as for any other industry – takes on the responsibility to incite, invite, titillate and motivate across a collection of powerful messages; through art direction, design, cinematography and copywriting – ultimately arranged to make the viewer to want to go there, do that or buy that.

I think South African Tourism have done a terrific job on all of the above with this commercial, and bring the exquisite complexity of a nation and country so mixed, so rich, so poor and so eager to entertain – into one very pretty 60 second commercial. From the sheer rock face that connects the city to the plateau of Table Mountain, across country to where the drummers and marimba players play and the dancers dance in destinations off the beaten track. And from the planes that boast primal wildness in the Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg Park, Addo Elephant Park, Lion Park and even Ellis Park, to the wine routes, garden routes and ‘jolling’ routes through the Cape, along the coastline and that connect the inner cities, suburbs and townships respectively. And then there are the people; 49 million of them that compliment the surrounds and will accelerate your heart rate to 120 beats per minute, for sure!

Beautifully shot, this South African Tourism commercial captures the intimate moments that flicker and pulsate between locals and tourists alike, while showing off just how visual and vast South Africa really is. It conveys the message to people in far off countries that coming to South Africa is possible, and shows that what you hear on the news shouldn’t be what you think you might get to experience here. There is simply so much more to see and do in this place on our continent that marks the meeting of two oceans; a place that makes it fair to promise that you will take a thousand memories from one country, South Africa.

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