Mental Health is quite like religion. Very few of us give either our 24/7-attention — until crises or catharsis (the former seems more frequent though, because: life).

Religion used to mean talking about Jesus on a Sunday while colouring-in pictures of him as depicted on many of the lauded installments in his bionic embryonic befittings to bind a species. This usually precedes doing much more of that parrot-fashion-proving required for passing — called school.

Thereafter, whether through University or other, the school of life (all the cool kids are calling it ‘adulting’ now) teaches you to think, which leads you to think:

What was I thinking, before I was thinking? 

And then whether you argue about the wrong or righteousness, and whether you stay close to it or go as far from at is you can possibly get yourself, the truth of the matter is this:

We all do religion. 

It may be where you go on a Sunday because of that place and the passion that goes with is leaves you feeling filled with what you know is right, because of how right you feel when filled to feeling like that.

It may be how you feel when you garden, walk your dog, feed the parrot, drive your car, get a message from someone who you hadn’t thought of for ages but brim-to-blinking lots… because they just thought of you.

I refer to that glimmer of gravitas as Light.

Whichever it is that does that for you, is yours.


I once told some people that I think love is more durable when regarded not as something that is great, but as something with grace.

I can be quite a profound smarty-pant around some parts.

I should go there more often myself  😉

Health, like wealth isn’t something you can hoard. Stocks will fluctuate… and rolling with the punches is something you will never be greatest at. But it is something that will teach you grace — if you let it. And making it through the long queues means you get to be in the front row — with popcorn. To see and feel the right you know, because of how right you feel when filled with Light like that.

Sometimes these cathartic reminders arrive with song – as is most-often the case in mine. Ergo, my go-to gets another go-to.

I wish for You a grace that is ever growing, and as much Light as You can see!





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