Ballsy advertising makes a comeback

Here’s hoping the (predominantly) coma-inducing bore of television commercials that have monopolised our flat screens of late will die off in the upswing of talent and daring that ads like this show.

Not so long ago, you would have had every Bert and Betty at their local tribunal, punching fists in the air about the supposed violence that a commercial like this one (may) insight. Truth is, no one is likely to buy a Dodge, get dressed in corset and haul ass through the desert from a man who proposes spending the rest of his life with your daughter. God knows, men are all trying way too hard to do the opposite. So off to Bingo with you Bert’s and Betty’s. People in Advertising have personalities and a pulse and work like this is why most of us get up everyday. Oh, and it suitably resonates with its audience who the ad happens to be aimed at. Which is not you, we promise.

From casting to performance and chase sequences to stunt work, Steve Rogers from Biscuit Filmworks knows what he’s doing when it comes to what he puts in front of the camera. Creatives and Director were clearly all on the same page here and what you have is something memorable for Dodge Charger.

I was going to go to Bingo now, but I think I’ll stay and watch this some more.

What do you think?

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