(Beer) Boys will be Boys

Now we’re talking! Boys will be boys – and why should they be any different when it comes to competing for the last beer? The storyline is that basic and it’s perfect – because it doesn’t need to be anything deeper. What would the point be? Doesn’t beer sell itself? It’s beer. ‘Course it does!

Arm wrestling gets taken up a notch for Tiger beer when each player vies for the last beer in dramatically unfolding new incarnations – and what a visual spectacular the revelations are! Shape shifting never looked cooler on its way to the beer buzz and when you finish off with a hot blonde… well, most guys would say you had them at ‘hello’.

What’s impressive is the realism within the non-realism. From the featured extra’s to the hero in each scenario, these guys take this realm of comedy seriously – and look serious. There’s a little lesson in that somewhere (take note insurers); don’t act. Be. Even if being a Tarzan jungle junkie isn’t relevant today. Make it look hot, deliver a performance that respects the VFX being done (and vice versa) and you’ve got a memorable movie that supports the brand and its reputation.

A goodie all round. What do you think?

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