Bubble Wrap + Cardboard Boxes

On 1st June, 2012, I packed my life into a 6m2 storage unit and started on as I – not as we. I haven’t had the strength or courage to make the time to go back and look at that stuff since then, but on Sunday, 25th January 2014, rather than restful, I woke up with a semi-sane albeit frenzied and overwhelming urge to go and see it.

How odd to look at all that you are some 600-days later, bubble-wrapped and in cardboard boxes. What you’ll see is less than you think it will be – trust me. But should or could it be anything else? What proportions would you imagine represent the years, the life, the home, the love?

None, because there is no box man could make that would hold what you accumulate upon that list.

I confess: 600 days and I got lost a little bit, hurt a little bit, sad a little bit. But virtuously venial because the cultivated fruits assure me – feet no more or less on the ground still – that rainbows and rivers will take you places.

Follow them.


© Dylan Balkind

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