Conversations with a 9 year old girl

‘It’s only words’, but they have the power to leave children Marked for Life. Divorce or disagreement, it is only a staggering, self-important, warped sense of reality that makes a parent feel their child’s childhood is ready to be littered with adult-issues.

Divorce is damaging: To the couple who thought they knew each other but have to admit they are only starting to do so – there is no separation that doesn’t scar. Adults are as unexcused from pain as the children involved will be; the difference is that they have a life full of lessons to help them to cope with it. Conversations, heated or hauntingly quiet, should be considerate – and the ears they fall on should be counted.

180 Amsterdam is a Netherlands based agency that brings this sentiment to life for SIRE in Marked for Life. This delicate execution of a very real, raw issue shows the damage done to kids in a powerful and impactful message aimed at parents. Divorce or none, the things that manipulative, emotionally-immature people will do and say around their children can be frightening. Conversations with a 9 year old girl about things she shouldn’t have to worry about are unforgivable. The consequences, ignored by the parents inside of their own haze of anger, will live long in that child’s memory. That 9 year old’s biggest issues should be simpler, lighter, cleaner and just beautifully naïve.

A tattoo is ground on living skin. Its removal is a bigger deal than anyone who hasn’t ever had to do it has ever considered. These loaded words live long after they should and the mark that is left is, without doubt, eventually unattractive. Watching this Public Service Announcement, I hope that parents can learn to clean up after themselves. Conversations with a 9 year old girl should be just that – 9 year old-relevant. Like, for example, what she will be doing at horse riding on the weekend.

Be moved by this and pass it on.

Credits: Advertising Agency: 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands; Executive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell. Copywriters: Marianne Riphagen, Jessica Hartley; Art Director: Andy Fackrell; Senior TV Producer: Chayenne de Witte; Print Producer / Art buyer: Maren Hermans; Senior Digital Producer: Anna Stolyarova; Account Manager: Jessica Hartley; Planner: Simon Neate; Digital Planner: Mandy Graham; Post Print Producer: Marlon Lee; Retoucher: Jan-Willem Dijkstra; Head of Studio: Mark Kenny; Graphic Designer: Markus Sabatlik; Project Manager: Anne-Marie van Overveld; Digital Art Directors: Nadege DeCastro, Matthew Steenburg; Digital Producer: Colin Pueschner; User Experience Director: Jonathan Conaty; Digital Copywriters: Jessica Hartley, Marianne Riphagen; Digital Copywriter: Sophie Top; Business Affairs Directors: Chris Barrand, Emilie Douque, Justine Young.


© Copywriter Dylan Balkind

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