€3. That’s all

Dressed-up dogs are catchy and will definitely have you watching to the very end. Why? Well because most sane people agree that dressed up dogs are a little peculiar – except for Paris Hilton who thinks that tarting your dog up is the way forward. Accompanied by a funky beat and the constant price change, we can’t help but want to see where this is all going… and that’s hot.

Whether taken literally or not, this is an interesting comment on our 21st Century sense of importance. I am not here to condemn a love for fashion – God knows we all like to look good! But it’s an interesting take on the way we prioritise and – given a little food for thought – how we may be swayed to do so differently. Reminiscent of the old Master Card ads, the memorable moment is still “priceless” and sheds light on the more important things you could do with a little of your money.

€3. That’s all they’re asking. And I think they did a great job of setting it up. Public Service Announcements or messages for charitable causes don’t have to be soppy, but they do have to be clever. This one works hard for the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation: no featured talent and a clear, clean, memorable message. Nice job by Jakko Achterberg, Niels Westra and their team at agency Selmore in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

That’s hot. What do you think?

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