Even Angels Will Fall

Epic. There is no other word to describe this larger than life, ninety second mini-movie, than epic. Another creative gold for Axe, this opulent execution of being able to tempt even the sweetest of angels is flawlessly brought to life by Rupert Sanders for BBH London, Production Company MJZ and client, Axe Deodorant.

From the genuine performances of each and every extra, the fallen-Angels and the Axe-hero himself, to the beauty of the backdrop this story is set against, it is clear that everything has earned its rightful place in front of the camera. It is obvious that this Director gets up everyday with a fuelled desire to go out and do what he does – brilliantly.


There’s no mistaking the power of this commercial – and then some! It will have people talking for a long time and, well, when Rupert Sanders is up 210% in IMDB popularity this week, he’s got to be doing something right. I am sure his diary is pretty booked up for the next very-long-time. This final cut is without doubt from the heavens itself.

What do you think?

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