Finding your talent is finding your voice

I like tales of survival. I like the underdog who rises above circumstances and makes something notable of their reality. Pressure is a horrible place to be and there is no truer justice than when those injustices can be shown the door. Here’s a story just like that one… about a girl who undeniably dug her way out of blood and fire.

Let’s just get one thing out the way for starters: P!NK is an absolute mastermind at her craft! The way I see it, her art makes an important contribution to pop culture because of what her music means to the millions of boys, girls, men and women of all shapes and sizes – all around the world. And when you come to think about it, what unites us better than music?


Her latest offering is no different and the release of the video for “F**kin Perfect” has so many people saying “…that is so my life right now!” This girl certainly digs her way out of blood and fire and what I get from Alecia Moore’s message is that she owed it to herself, if not anyone else – because there is something inside that needed its chance to shine, right?

Finding your talent is finding your voice. A voice that speaks about a love for whatever you do best; paint, draw, sing, add, build, solve, advise, enthuse, amuse or write. There’s a place inside you that you should celebrate and it is absolutely necessary to find your way home. I’m glad she did and I hope all those who need the same thing have the chance to see this.

It will help.

I promise.

Change the voices in your head. Embrace change and nurture your own rebirth.

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