Fresh and charming

Talk to a room full of people from different age groups and you’re in for some interesting opinions about mobile phones. Whatever yours is, these devices are not going anywhere, and – with even the worst technophobe’s starting to weigh-in – phone companies now have bigger audiences to entice.

Cue these TV commercials for Sprint done by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, SF. At a dinner table, Mother announces to the family that her parents are moving in and will be Staying Awhile, all via a series of texts and emails from her mobile phone. In response to their shock and horror, the forum allows her to tell the family that texts, emails, tweeting and other expected standards are unlimited – while conveniently missing the point.

Others in the series offer the same straightforward communication in differently-dry yet quirky situations. I don’t think they will have anyone winning any Yellow Pencils or offer them the opportunity to say “I’d like to thank God, and my Mom and Dad…” – but that’s not to say they don’t do the job.

Hey just because you have someone’s number, doesn’t mean you actually want to talk to them, right?

They’re not going to start a cinematic revolution, but they never said they would. They are all short, sharp and to the point while the relevant information is conveyed through fresh and charming performances. When it comes to these ads for Sprint, it’s mac and cheese being mac and cheese! That’s all.

I like them, do you?

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