Greater than depression. Braver than loneliness!

Eat. Pray. Love. So I did. And while I did, I learned a lot from a complete stranger’s journey as it took me on my own. I now know that most of it was stuff I already knew, but couldn’t find the time to find it within myself. You see, I was waiting. Waiting for something or someone to do it for me. We all are. We’re all very good at waiting.

So I tried some of what Gilbert was saying and must admit I am now a big fan. I learnt that no matter how hard things seem, or how sorry we feel for ourselves, we need to remember that we all deserve something beautiful – and then actually allow ourselves the space-and-time to find it. It’s never as far away as we might have thought. I learnt that it’s important to remind yourself that you don’t need rescuing – you probably just need to rescue yourself. There’s a greater picture to paint afterward if you choose the latter. I learnt that when you clear the clouds and the cobwebs from your vision, you will realise that you are far greater than depression, and forever braver than loneliness! I learnt that there is great beauty in sitting and staring outward, not having anything to do or any deadline to meet – that there is great beauty in doing nothing! That we need to find continuity in the society that we spend our time in… work, friendships, love, travel. I learned the importance of patience with first-times; to give yourself a break and be polite with yourself when learning something new. I now conform to the belief that we have four brothers – or spiritual guides – that remain with us from the beginning and to the end, that fulfil the roles of Intelligence, Strength, Love and Poetry. Makes sense, doesn’t it? And that when offered an olive branch by the Universe, to give yourself more than a break – give yourself a leg up! Your only answer before a big “yes” should be “Does James Brown get down?”

Take with you only these bits if you aren’t interested in reading the book or seeing the film, but know you are missing out. Edith Ann said, “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” That’s what Eat Pray Love did for me. You may also have heard that it takes a long time to become the person you want to be. This journey will teach you that that is crap. You are already there. You just need to see it for yourself.

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