Hot designs: cheaper than therapy

Your designer is the guy whose accountant friends all think he has the coolest job in the world because he gets to play around with pictures all day. He also gets to go to work in his slippers without having brushed his hair and is usually at the bar by 3pm on a Friday. His friends moan because they have it so hard; they have to file paperwork to Doris, the frigid, grumpy office administrator. They have to back up their totals with figures, cross-references, ledgers, credits and debits – and God-forbid they don’t balance. So the designer’s life is super-chilled and easy then, isn’t it?

It isn’t. Like any job, the designer has good days and bad ones, good briefs and bad briefs. Sure, we would all like free range for the work we do, but in the pecking order that puts half a dozen interpretations between the brand and the creative, coupled with an audience that can never sit still, it’s often hard to have his initial concept ever see the light of day. That’s why effective designs are memorable and effective designers even more so.

Your designer has to deliver on-the-spot creative brilliance twelve times a day – and back up those choices with a strategically-sound rationale. Not always fun. Always high-pressured and as accountable for the message in his work as any accountant out there. No wonder he’s at the bar at 3pm on a Friday.

It’s easy to tell when a designer has had a good day at the office, because they produce work like these examples for the Batelco Directory by agency FP7/BAH in Bahrain. Both conceptually and the design for these print ads are strong. It is clear that, as a team, happiness was achieved and the designer got to get to work. Print ads offer vast scope because you can do a lot with them. You can morph images and play with depth, perspective and use poetic license with illusion to your designer’s heart’s content.

For the Batelco Directory, the entire city has been morphed into the pages for the directory, highlighting that whatever you are looking for is both included and will stand out. The flipside of this execution is that they are intrepid enough to offer no copy to back them up. This implies that the target audience is an intelligent one. If not, the group behind this concept run the risk of having the message lost altogether and that would be a pity. All the same, I like them and I think the designer and the creative team involved surely had a great time bringing them to life.

They might have been at the bar a little later that day, but worth a drink to celebrate all the same. What do you think?

Credits: Advertising Agency: FP7/BAH, Bahrain | Creative Director: Fadi Yaish | Art Director: Supparat Thepparat | Agency Integrated producer: Mar Wai May | Photographer: Surachai Puthikulangkura | Illustrators: Surachai Puthikulangkura, Supachai U-Rairat | Producer: Anotai Panmongkol | Production House: Illusion.

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