I am bigger now


My Dad says I have come a long way because I am getting bigger all the time but he doesn’t have to tell me because I know because I stopped making wee’s inside. And because everyday I am taller. And because I can sleep through the whole night without needing a wee. This is me sleeping through the night, look.

But the best thing is that yesterday I went to my park and my Dad let me off my leash so I could walk all by myself! I was very good and never ran away even. Look at me walking without being on the leash. That’s me.

And here’s me playing in the water without being on the leash. See?

I have this harness that my Dad connects my leash to. The proof that I have grown is in these photos. These are my photos of me at the park in my harness. Look at the difference. This is little me when I was little. This picture shows when my harness was too big even on it’s smallest setting.

And see this one of me now? That’s me yesterday and my harness is smaller even, on the biggest setting it can go.

I need a new harness.

My name is Finn. And I am bigger now.

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