Immaculate Projection



So… there has been so much outpouring of love and Light in the shared news of what headline’d Finn’s. And with it, we THANK YOU!

We also promised you some inside info – the “secret” we called it… But, and here’s the thing… it’s not a secret. Because it is YOU all – and that Light you give! In the comments and messages and inbox’d words… Still… if this sounds confusing, then here… try this:

✯ ✮ ✯

I know you know what I mean when I suggest that you have a friend that you like a lot, because you have invested the time that validates your allegiance… but will still have mutual friends who write them off, or have assumed big things based on small amounts of (the consumed) information… and so, when you can, you try to use the forum to sell the Saint parts of what many others see as just-saline?!

After I shared 5iftySe7en, my friend Nundi said that she learned so much/more about Madonna via listening to my share… and therein such prize for my presentation! 

Still, these (my) relentless ravings can and will be interpreted as juvenile, often. But not unlike a station you can bitch about for its programming – or ultimately choose to switch from – my loves here are plastered in the same way. No one has to watch or hear what they choose not to. 

After the Paris attacks in 2015, a friend of mine I’d known for a decade un-friended me because I’d said on Facebook that I found it annoying that people would change their profile pic and/or share the (then, that day, very generic) #PrayForParis one… And I said so because I am very sure that these kinds of considerations to such topics are fleeting. And so very, very vapid.

I was not nor have I ever mitigated the seriousness and intensity of this global issue and its traumas! My point was (and is), that if you are going to make a statement – DO and BE a statement!

I don’t think that because you clicked your mouse a few times and changed your picture, for those in your friends-list to see, is anything really in to turn the tide for the way the world responds to– and deals with acts of terrorism. Sure, it shows you are aware of current issue and a sensitivity for those closer to flames than you may be… but, most who do that – believing it makes a actual difference – will in the hours that follow, go back to allocating their cerebral capacities to the next Kardastrophe –  or similar…  

Anyway, since re-acquainting, I proffered VNFVKVRSLF\5OOTWORK as in retrospect of my own sentimentality and intimacy to the issues, but one I’d compiled in context, . soon after the second bouts of attacks on Paris at the Bataclan Theatre… from as small or not my vantage point is.

My angle here isn’t that I deserve a medal for creating the collection of content included therein, but that these do take hundreds of (love-filled) hours, and ideally click with enough people to start or feed conversations around the mix of messages offered…?! That may be a dinner table of two, or four or more… But, sure… Is it any better than changing your profile picture or sharing one? Maybe not… Perhaps I am simply biased – for and within my own context? 

So, whether it’s Alanis, cheese, poetry, heart-strings heart-sleeving stuff or my girl here, this is my way of taping the torque of my truths onto others’ art. Theirs. These. Herein.

✮ ✯ ✮

It’s almost this deities birthday. And during the planning of this mashup, I also came into some unhappy news on the birthday of anothers… Madonna has in the past, offered some pretty powerful messages in the context of her having a child, the way her understanding of Love changed therein, and how that made her experience life in different, clearer ways… Ergo, a good fit, for me, here and now.

You don’t have to spend 46 minutes on the chance you may learn something different, be surprised, amused, mused or bemused, but if you do like music, a great story and have the time – give it a whirl.

And if you’re already a fan, I doubt you even read this far before pressing ►   



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