Joan Rivers on Alec Baldwin’s anti-gay rant

“Why don’t we just calm down … and stop everybody getting so damn uptight…”

The woman looks like she’s about to burst a blood vessel anytime somebody wears something she’s not down with. And fashion censure? Phew… what a way to do your bit for peace, equality and acceptance in the world. But sure, some bulk of a dumbass has strike 2 with vicious vitriol and we must all calm down.

I don’t like or understand homophobes, but in doing so I have to appreciate that they don’t like or understand gay people. But if I don’t impose my homosexuality in their space, then they shouldn’t feel like they can impose their homophobia in mine. Oh to live in that world…

But Joan Rivers? What the fuckery? The woman makes a living out of enmity towards (just about) everything that anyone else is doing or wearing, so she basically has to come to his defense, right? But you know what? You’re not stupid, so maybe choose your words a little more carefully next time you silly old Diplodocus.

Al things considered… the sanity is bound to slip from time to time.

PS: If you can be bothered, here’s just how nice and calm she can be.

Update: She has a new book out called ‘I Hate Everyone… Starting With Me.’ Yup. That’ll do it.

© Dylan Balkind

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