Lego for my Daddy’s nephew

#The FinnDiaries

I have big dreams. I think about them all the time and ways I can make them come true for me.

When my Dad goes to the shop, I wait by the front door to see what surprise he brings for me. When he opens the door I jump up and pull the packets down to look inside them. Sometimes my life is hard and there is no surprise for me and this doesn’t help my dreams because then I have to make more dreams for the things I didn’t get and put them on the same list as the things I always wanted. But I think I’ve figured out a way to get my dreams myself. I have to have a credit card because I have seen all the things my Dad can get when he says he swiped his credit card so it seems to be easy and the best way to get my dreams.

The things I will buy when I get my credit card:

  • A brick of cheddar cheese
  • A new kitty because the one at my house doesn’t play with me
  • A pair of socks that I can chew because they will be mine
  • A mug with a picture of me on it for my Gogo because she says I am cute
  • A mug with a picture of me on it for my Granddad because he says I am a cool little guy
  • A mug with a picture of me on it for my Daddy because he kisses my face a lot
  • Lego for my Daddy’s nephew because I chewed his. His name is Matthew.
  • A bed for my Daddy because he really likes mine because I know because he is always sleeping in it
  • Courage because when the bad men came to steal stuff at our house I cried and hid away
  • Hot chocolate

When I get my credit card I will have a secret pin but I can’t tell you what it is because I have to keep it a secret.

Finn CC

My name is Finn. Visa Finn.

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