Looking to curb an addiction?

People will go to all lengths to curb their vices. You might ask your significant other to hide the TV remote to help you quit that dastardly awful Bold and the Beautiful addiction, give your crochet’d cardigan to the Salvation Army or destroy the Richard Marx CD collection that prompts you to write really sorry poetry about your 11th grade crush.

But then there are more serious addictions. Ones where you have to stretch and mould the truth to convince others that things aren’t as bad as they may appear. Worse are the occasions where you do the same to convince yourself. Whether yours are as serious as the latter or light-hearted as the former, they may need a little help on their way out nonetheless.

Fujiterapia Acupuncture understands this and communicates their help with these brilliantly executed and Art-Directed print ads by Agency Dim`Canzian`Facci of São Paulo, Brazil. Swift, smart idea with in-and-out execution, stitched up and extinguished. Problem solved.  I think the campaign did the same.

I like these because they cover both the serious and the not-so-serious. They communicate the necessary without treading on the awful which would no doubt alienate an audience still in denial.

You agree?

Credits: Advertising Agency: Dim`Canzian`Facci, São Paulo, Brazil; Creative Directors: Guilherme Facci, Michele Dim D’ Ippolito; Art Director: Thiago Martinhão; Copywriter: Paulo Marcussi; Photographer: Eduardo Fragata.


© Copywriter Dylan Balkind

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