Madonna: a Monographic Mosaic | Part 1


Passion is a personal playground.

Sometimes personal is sacred and private… other times it is something we want to make public.

On 6 November, 2014, I published DIVIN\ADINE. After some wandering with editing audio, my friend Catharine asked me to do it, and it became the first in a trilogy of #WritingStoriesDifferently that covered a shared passion for Alanis Morissette. I think that since, the question wondered by those who know me – not excluding myself – has been: why no Madonna mix, yet?

I swore I couldn’t.

I was petrified.

And here I am… playing in that playground.

Ergo, it can’t be wrong to be overwhelmed by a passion at any one time – albeit between bouts of bravery – right?

It was MNET’s screening of the Drowned World Tour in 2001 that hooked me. I’ve always respected her. Watching. Wondering, mostly. And I knew all the hits before that particular tour… but it was the way she brought them front and centre, LIVE, that has held me since, partisan in my preoccupation with the tireless work that personifies her very core:

We can do anything.

There aren’t many timeless icons.

Elvis Presley – whose date of death is also the same day in August that Madonna was born – once said: “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” Given the context, I can’t think of anything more I could say about that, except perhaps that, if ambition can be measured by working until you no longer have to introduce yourself, well then my Sovereign, Ingressor got it long, long ago.

She goes on, learning from herself, her conclusions captaining her compass, again, and again, and again…

That’s inspiration right there.

I picked up my crown, put it back on my head
I can forgive, but I will never forget

Aleph | Part 1


Part 2

© Dylan Balkind


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