My big weekend


This was a very full weekend. I did lots. I went to the doctor and she put an injection in me to make me strong against diseases so I can go to the park and still be fine. Because sometimes the other dogs can make a little guy like me sick, but not now. I have been booked for another meeting with the doctor in December, but no one will tell me what that is about so I guess it is supposed to be a surprise.

When my dad was paying for my injections, he said I could choose a harness and a leash. I chose the blue ones and when we got home, we walked down to the end of the road and back.

This is me walking down to the end of the road and back.

On Sunday, my dad’s friend Christiaan organised a puppy play date. We went to their house which is close to ours which was good because I don’t like the car. It makes me sleepy. When we got there I saw my friend Harley who I have met twice before.

This is me and Harley. That’s me on the right.

A little while later, another two more dogs came! Olive and Troy. We all played and had fun for the whole day. I think they all loved me a lot because they said that they loved me a lot. Our dads are going to organise more dates like that and I will be happy and they will love me a lot.

When I got tired I went to sleep on my dad’s lap. Then he took me home.

This weekend was fuller!

My name is Finn. I love the weekend.

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