My Noodle

A few years ago, after some or other drama I’d bundled through, I called my sister and, towards the end of the conversation, said to her that I was sorry to have disappointed her.

“Nothing you do could disappoint me,” was her reply.

I’ve never forgotten the way those words warmed what had me feeling so cold.

We’ve been through some life-changing things together.

The biggest just three weeks ago.

Between the happy memories and the tears is a taught tendon of sibling steadfastness that remains because trust is reciprocated from a place of respect.

She – not by telling but by showing – has taught me a lot about trust. That telling someone that how they do X, Y or Z is wrong and that because it worries you, they should stop or change those ways is actually the opposite of trust.

That trust is showing someone you see them. You hear them. You know them. And that both of you can learn from each other because that channel is open.


Trust isn’t always about how tightly you tied the knot.

Ropes fray.

Knots come undone.

Other people fiddle with them.

Trust is knowing you’ve got my hand when there is no rope. And that if you let go, it’s because you knew you could.

Thank you for being there, and for being you, there.

Lotsa love! Your lil bro.


© Dylan Balkind

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