OUTSURANCE TVC: A nasty taste in the mouth!

For most people, the thought of insurance companies illicits sweat and a really nasty taste in the mouth. The only person who thinks differently is the owner of the insurance company himself. He’ll schmarm you with how they are the good guys, have cut out the middle man or promise you less yadda yadda and more ching ching. If their communications efforts are so true to their word, why is filling out an insurance claim form no different to the Spanish inquisition?

This is the minefield of emotions that their agencies have to traverse to get you – the consumer – to choose them over the other dozen companies out there. That very challenge is what leads to commercials like this one. “The Invisible Man” plays on the notion that OUTSURANCE is with you every step of the way; that their service is of such notable effect that it will be as if “it” (the accident, theft and so on) never happened. Makes you wish the commercial never happened, doesn’t it? It does for me. I can understand that they may have been aiming at a very different viewer, in which case, sure: the message is clear enough. But then why, pray tell, is this being flighted in prime time across upper LSM channels? Either the target of the message is wrong or the media planner needs a kick up the ol tush.


I don’t buy the performances either – in any of them in the series! “Pull overrrrr…”. I would have driven passed her and thrown an elocution manual in her lap. For an organisation that must make millions and millions a year, I reckon they should allocate a little bit more to their advertising budget. Go figure. They say you always get something out. Bad memories was it for me!


What do you think?

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