Writer Portfolio


I am neither a DJ nor a VFX editor. I am however that drum-banging, trumpet-blower for theatre of the mind – the sensory privilege of being a writer (long before and after what gets put on the page!).

In an industry that requires translating communications into conversation-triggers that work for brands – all while budgets and time are relentlessly cut – means that it is now more important than ever to do more than send scripts in Word Docs, or… worse still, trust Powerpoint presentations to do the job of explaining your campaign.

So I’ve learned a little about sound-mixing and – as per my introduction here – craft that into stories that I then edit to selected visuals using an App on an iPhone 5S.

PS: This is not designed to replace the talented skill-sets of either professions, but is rather my way of empowering how the ‘rough idea’ lands for its desired audience(s), saving time and budget that is best used on delivering a better final product. 

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