Writer Portfolio


Presentation on Saturday 5 September, 2015 to the Part-Time Honours Students.

‘Advertising as a communication channel.’
Content I presented during the 90 minutes comprised a mix of both international and local work, from work that is not my own with work that is.

1: Introduction to me

2: Commercials Showcase


  • Nando’s Parliamentary Mielie Meals by BlackRiver FC (not my own)
  • V/Line by McCann Melbourne, Australia (not my own)
  • Boots Christmas / Boxing Day #SpecialBecause TVC, UK (not my own)
  • McDonald’s, France (not my own)
  • MTN by MetropolitanRepublic (not my own)


3: Albany Game Show (LimelightSA) 
Included to demonstrate the importance of an awareness and understanding of different audiences (given the vastness of the South African population alone), and because I believe you should know that: to work and do well in this industry, you need to be able to stretch yourself far beyond what’s relevant to you. You need to get inside of the mind of the person your client wants to talk to — and really get what’s relevant to them.

4: BMW 2 Series App (Gloo) 
Included to showcase the shift in platforms for a major client like BMW to use when launching a new model to market. It was the first time this brand had used this route and enjoyed the success it achieved due to the campaign’s effectiveness — underpinned by it being on target and engaging for the demographic, but ultimately by connecting the consumer to the brand in a logical, savvy-sexy way.

5: Edgars Jika — User Generated Content (M&C Saatchi Abel) 
This youth-centered campaign was amplified by its appeal to not only those that can / do shop at Edgars, but also those who connected with the competition’s mechanics. The use of a localized, already-popular dance routine, garnered additional traction by these enthusiasts, fans of the artist (Mi Casa) and those already brand loyal to Edgars.

6: FNB ATM Switch (Gloo) 
A digital campaign driven through ATM designed to switch customers from competing banks to FNB by communicating with their immediate need-state of being with another bank — but unable to find that bank’s ATM. Tactical copy was effective in speaking to the ATM user’s frustration and offering them a long-term solution to their banking problem.

7: Imagine this brief… 
Conceptual challenges: I created this video to communicate that: not every brief is a dream come true. Working in the industry will challenge you to hurdle obstacles you are both mentally and morally uncomfortable with.

8: Outtro 
To respond to those entering the industry who want to know what to expect:

Have goals ~ not expectations.
Be ready to rework those goals regularly — sometimes daily — not because you’re ready to be a loser, but because of what you’ve learned.
Be ready to cry,
to want to quit,
and to meet yourself.
And when you do, you’ll realise you have more courage than just about anyone you know!