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When Viral becomes Virus

Among its brilliance for access to information and each other, the internet also highlights how many insane people are not in asylums. Anybody with a thirst for gossip – the viral wannabes – is an anti-marketer. Everyone’s a journalist and finding a ‘story’ doesn’t involve time, talent or research. So what does this mean for brands when the news is negative, even if inaccurate? [Link

Whose trend is it anyway?
Remember “the Rachel” (haircut)? Tamagotchis, the Atkins diet, Emo kids or the Rhema Church? Trends are an odd phenomenon. Somewhere, a group is waiting to pounce and turn a whim into a home run. When it comes to the possibility of a trend, the only person who thinks an idea is stupid is stupid himself. [Link]

Content marketing: What could possibly go wrong? 
If you are thankful that Angela Lansbury has devoted her time to opposing a remake of ‘Murder, She Wrote’ rather than filming videos of herself twerking and uploading these to YouTube – you are not alone. There’s content, content – and then there’s sh*ts and giggles content (alas, we’re on the doorstep of the silly season). [Link]

Social media making you sick?
When it comes to Social Media, the moral of the story can’t be based on morals because none of us have many left – and the ones that do wouldn’t agree on the mix anyway. Ultimately, it should make us smarter because of access to so much more information from being better connected than ever before. So why is it such a drudging, commonplace and wearisome bore? [Link]

Would the real copywriter please stand up?
An article titled How to get high-performance sales copy without hiring a copywriter hit the blogosphere recently. Information like this is priceless and will change the future for people like Laquisha, the envelope filling entrepreneur… [Link]

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