Rare Complexities

One person’s petty is another’s pride… and boy don’t we ever enjoy the popcorn while we’re along for the ride?! 😉

I got all gushy about Miley’s most recent release — Younger Now. For the record: I’ve never not-been gushy about Miley. Well, okay… maybe only since the arguably-adult Miley made Bangerz. Not that I was ever anti Miley circa Hannah Montana, I just never really followed nor got into that. Anyway, I evermore admire her robust, readiness to be raw ~ in both its brazen and its bruising. No doubt, just like every other seven billionth person on the planet, the plan is only ever really for the former, right?

Either way, hers is done with an audience of some and plenty on every continent. Which, granted, she knows — and chose.

Still… she’s (just) 24 years of age, and has done both (the brazen and the bruises) more times than any armchair activist and pacifist alike, wherever they may chum something-choral without anything ever, actually realizing anything resembling capacity.

Yes. She also has a net worth of $160million, so those of us with less than 1% of that may find it easy to deduce that the deuce’s she does are easier to do.

Maybe?! But how will we ever / yet know, for sure?

My point? This: that in our easy-ride craving-culture, it has to be worth noting — and if for nothing other than comparisons’ sakes — Miley didn’t make bank via some faux fvckery that was recorded and then which, ohmygaaadhowdidthisgetontotheinternet
cough… got “leaked” to the media.

Sidebar: The Kardashian family — yes, all of them — collectively donated $500,000.00 to the Hurricane Harvey / Texas relief fund. Miley did the same. All by her own self. Other than the very obvious difference, is that the family made a big splash about their donation. Miley wanted hers kept private. It was only because Ellen was so proud of her, that the news got out! Also: The Happy Hippie Foundation.  

Anyway. I don’t know her any more than anyone could from the other side of the planet/equator, reading and learning from what news is reported (and then assimilating that with as little bias as possible ~ albeit where the fandom fuels). Still, here and with that, I will say, just, that I admire how her art is Lighting her journey, for all of us to see and enjoy… or ignore. Because, yes — I get it: one person’s Miley is another’s Manson.

On a point of order: her latest moved some cogs of my own. And while neither are Pulitzer-worthy pennings, I do place mine here. And as I do with anything that I make and share, I do so with lots of very genuine hope that it moves some cogs for someone else. Anyone, anywhere. And I will also say that mine own humanity makes me both inspired and insecure (in ever-competing measures), so I admit too, that I do also always hope that these things I share, each find their way, in ways where the likes outweigh the ambivalence.

Still, and for whichever: I do it.

I say it.

For me.

And for someone else.



And however it lands, wherever it does, the capacity to be either fiery or fuzz, has everything to do with every immediate moment going on with whoever sees / hears / reads it, as much as it does their every-moments and their everything — before and until.

Ergo… one person’s Sunday-blues is another’s bag-packed promise. One person’s Friday-feeling is another’s happiness-for-hump day… and, one person’s chortle is another person’s warble.

Aren’t these our very intimately real, rare complexities?

♮ ♭ ♩ ♫   HAPPY NEW MOON!  ♫ ♩ ♭ ♮

Galaxy-sized glitter-full, heart-held hugs that tug with the soul that smiles at smelly-Melly!

This year feels like it borrowed its clothes from our 1998.

Thank you, for You.




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