Scene of the Crime

If we are the architects of our destiny, why do we knowingly subject ourselves to such torture rather than head straight for the sublime? There’s no avoiding it anymore… I’ve been summoned to a performance review with my heart and, before the verdict is delivered, I think I owe it my sincerest apology. Encouragement is not always the best way forward, clearly.

It is hard not to goad the giddy and ignite entitlement to joy. But it’s not just me – this heart can be a problem child too. Like someone who grew up according to the rules and then discovered all the pleasures and temptations a little later than normal and hasn’t stopped to catch his breath since. And this brain? Not much better. Like the evermore School Monitor whose advice – although often true – is not always invited.

Still, an apology and a little more listening are in order. They do, after all, both speak the same language. And… rather than continuously returning to the scene of the crime, it’s time to return to the Light. To diffuse the chaos around that happiness-delay and not expect this duty to rest with another.

Ritu Ghatourey says that we wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer and all life for Happiness. We do… but… why wait?


© Dylan Balkind

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