So, at this time of year, you’re not supposed to send ‘Merry Christmas’ messages and greetings to people who aren’t Christian… because that is the politically-correct way, apparently.

Here’s the thing though: politics is everything but correct about anything, ever.

So fuck it. And too, those who moan about fireworks at Eid or having to wait in the car at a slow-moving drive-through. About the weather, toilet seats, spoilers online or handling the things they are just supposed to handle. None of these things are new.

Our species likes to exercise everything to the death, so we’ve gone way beyond consideration into the arrival lounge of zombie-central, where the torque of our truths have been traded for the tepid — excluding our random outbursts of indignance when we think that, for example, Muslims have gone out of their way to ruin our happiness on and around two evenings a year… which, when we get to them, feel like the very first time these things have happened – obviously. And that shock is the amplified sound of our right to make hella noise about it — right?


Except for this: have you ever wondered how Muslim people feel when they hear about the complaints that surround their Sacrifice Feast (Eid) celebrations – by anyone and everyone who is not Muslim? Or how they feel when their grocery store plays Wham’s Last Christmas on a loop from the third week in October (and then for three consecutive months), and is decorated with gold tinsel and some cheap version of sparkly lights?

Now it’s a bit of a trickier analogy to consider, isn’t it?

Ah… the conundrum to be convincingly polite, but still from a place of political correctness…

Conundrum indeed! Show me where this has been profoundly effective ~ please?

Because I can’t think of any cerebrally-sensible examples where the attempts haven’t harked into the pallid.

Just a quick squiz at these 11 Examples Of Political Correctness Gone Mad will make you giggle. And then squirm at just how embarrassing it is to be human at the moment.

We — each and together — live here together. On a planet that is not new, and with 7.6 billion other people who would each and collectively be happier if we just learned to share, better.

Because my idea and your idea of a night that doesn’t interrupt your comfort zone because your pets are confused, is not the same idea to everybody else. On the same day. Or at the same time.

Sacrifice Feast indeed.

And if you want to enjoy your feasts, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices.

Because mine and your ideas are just some of the all of it. And us, with all our problems, trophies, hurt and happiness, are very important! But still, are also just some of the everything here created.

And in that glimmer when yours began — and again when it comes to an end — is where You are the sum of everything here created.

That is Elohim. That is Jehovah. That is Shàngdì. That is Tiānzhŭ, Cheon-ju. That is Nkosi. That is Allah. That is Krishna. That is YHWH. That is Buddha. That is God.

That is Light. 

And we each shine ours in ways that contribute some to the bright of it all.

Your own is amazing, and if it could talk, it would ask you to savour it, and share it by shining it… rather than talking about how important is just because it is yours.

It’s a really odd time in the world. Shining more Light would really help — don’t you think?

You, reading this now, can try. Stick your big toe into the effort — or go full-throttle and be loud as if you need to fill a stadium!

Either version, yet — just start!

Don’t save generosity, compassion, Bitcoins, Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma, ISIS, stupidity or silence. Save Love! And start by shining your Light, because it is yours — and you are worth it!

And whether you know or believe this fact or not:

You are sum of the everything here created.

If this sounds like something you do or could come to agree with, tell someone.

Share the ideal.

And if none of it does, well… sorry for you.



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