Shake things up

There once was a wretched idiot that – on a discussion board for this series of billboards for McDonald’s – said they were a driving hazard. First of all “desttE”, have you fallen and bumped your little head? Second of all, slow down before you hurt yourself. If you can’t do two things at once, the exact website you were browsing is already lost on you. Sadly, it didn’t end there. “Hahalexander” committed his genius to share that he thought this series was a waste of the client’s money and that any decent creative should have been able to convey the message with one billboard.

Negatory. In advertising, we have the opportunity to execute ideas that embrace a moment – or many – that prompts the desired audience to feel enough to connect with the brand. If you think that Adams Outdoor Advertising should have simply responded to the need of a thirsty driver by communicating that McDonald’s now offers a strawberry lemonade on one billboard alone – then you and anyone who agrees should go as far away from a creative career as possible. It’s some corporate marketing managers and people like you who kill the industry, watering it down to the tepid executions that fill magazines, TVCs and billboards (like the examples you may have preferred).

If you had things your way ‘Hahalexander’, should Nike have used only one billboard to tell this story?

And what about this one? Still only one execution?

No. Because then they would have been boring, so why bother?

Sure, blogs and forums are all for the sharing of perspective. But an uneducated rant or ill-informed statement is not a perspective. Create clever dialogue and shake things up, or go away. Thanks.

Credits: Advertising Agency: Adams Outdoor Advertising, USA; Art Director: Todd Turner; Copywriters: Todd Turner, Laura Sanders, Chad Hutchison; Explosion Consultant: Chad Hutchison; Published: May 2011.


© Copywriter Dylan Balkind

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