Sleeping arrangements


When my Dad and my Gogo brought me to my house, I got to see how they had chosen all these different rooms to do different things in.  In my kitchen, they make food for them and for me. In my dining room they eat their food (or sometimes on the couches if they want to watch the picture machine). I have my own set of bowls and sit before I eat. I think they like that because then they speak in nice sounds and stroke me on my back.

In my house, there are three other rooms with big soft boxes. I used to sleep with my Dad on his box but then this one time (or maybe three) I needed to wee so bad but was barking and bouncing and biting, so I just made a wee where I was standing. Wow my Dad got cross! So I have decided to sleep on my floor bed.

My name is Finn. Peacekeeper of my home.

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