Sorry pigs. Better luck next time

Some agencies are made up of talented individuals who understand the complete creative process and who are wholeheartedly committed to the final product. Other agencies are filled with simple idiots who barely pitch up for work most days and are just there to take home a salary at the end of the month. This commercial was definitely created by the latter.

No self-respecting creative would have allowed this to air. Ever. All it does do is stand as a true reflection of its print counterpart: pathetic.

The expressions are fake. The end is ridiculous. And as far as the poor pigs it has been created to represent go, well they don’t stand a hope in hell if this is who they have doing the ‘talking’ for them. Like I said before, Public Service Announcements or messages for charitable causes don’t have to be soppy, but they do have to be clever. Sorry piggies – this one is neither. Better luck next time.


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