imagine the stories 
around that campfire where they now sit 
and the globe we float on
is but an ember in it…

no grief in their whiles 
bass and vibrato, through all-smiles
a moonwalk’s own story
(seen only as glory)
…through beautifully, benevolent,
and happ-full slit-eyes…  

now from ashes
each into a Phoenix become
and with limitless soul-torque 
I’m pretty sure not much ‘rest-in’ will be done…

so why should R.I.P.
stand for ‘Rest In Peace’ – if anything?
surely no rest will be needed
whatever you believe, or believe in…

for wherever it is you believe, or know you will go 
no grief nor trouble should be before you – nor in tow
so through beautifully, benevolent, happy-full slit-eyes
I hope your company there– wherever… is all and only about smiles! 

Rollin’ In Paradise.
A STARBURST for sure


PS: The reason My Way is the Ed Sheeran version is very definitely deserving of its own post altogether… One that will without doubt be called I remember February.

© Dylan Balkind


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