Super Bowl Supernova

I didn’t like it. Then I liked it just a little bit. And now… well… it’s won me over. No, I don’t think Chevy Camaro is going to have hundreds (or even tens) of women – teachers or not – rushing out to buy the car – but that’s not what they wanted, is it? Because sex sells, you’re going get guys fist-punching air a lot as they head to the fridge for another beer, shaking their heads at how cool the car is when, well, it’s all the other messages they really like, isn’t it?

A squad of women to choose from (there are joys in being able to click through a variety, right?), the chase-sequence, the roof-top breakout, and the nice girl at the end – PHWOAR!!! Looks like you have a complete tailor made solo-session right there guys. Will it sell cars? Probably. Pity about the payoff line though.

Otherwise, I just like it because… well, I’m not entirely sure to be honest.

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