Even losers can be cool at the High School Reunion


Most people would rather read the phone book to their incontinent grandmother than go to their high school reunion looking like the loo-hoo, ze-her that hasn’t made-good since graduation. There are options however; you could say you invented post-its, or you could let your ride talk for you by making sure you pull up in something swank. Lucky for some, Avis will give you that leg up (to get your leg over) with a tidy ride from their rental-for-show-off’s range.

Ireland/Davenport is no stranger to making car-communication look cooler than cool. Their work for BMW is nothing short of flawless, so the choice couldn’t have been hard for this account. The Luxury Car Rental print ad for Avis shows how it’s not only an 1100 Yaris or silly Atos (toasters on wheels) to choose from when renting a hire car – and if you haven’t made bank by the time Reunion rolls around, you can always pretend you have.

Nicely shot, styled and treated, the Class of 2001 Reunion print ad for Avis says what it needs to without having to say too much.

I like! Do you?

Credits: Creative Directors: John Davenport, Philip Ireland; Art Director: Lida Fourie; Copywriter: Anthea Weber; Photographer: Clive Stewart; Retoucher: Marko Mandusic.

Beyond Smart

BMW Advertising has always seemed effortlessly elegant; the perfect combination of haughty confidence and alluring charm – the boys club you always wanted to belong to. The latest print execution by Ireland/Davenport exemplifies my theory in one perfect image while offering an honourable salutation to their Television Commercial from over two decades ago. With it, the agency has been able to capture the attention of both an old and a new audience in one clean-cut execution.

Kids will look at the mouse on the steering wheel and grasp the concept immediately. Anyone who grew up in the 80s will know that this reincarnation is a nod to the Television Commercial that announced power steering in the BMW 318i – by way of a memorable performance from one little mouse. Directed by Keith Rose of Velocity Films, the TV ad shook the industry at the time, drawing attention to the ingenuous importance of what it is you put in front of the camera – despite what may be going on behind it. Less is more and this too was beyond smart!

They say you can now book opera tickets, order for your latest book-fad from Amazon.com and do just about whatever else you may like to do online – all in the comfort of your own car. This worldwide first is definitely a coup for German driving giant BMW, and what better way to say it than through a clean, clever and sharpshooting print ad that tells you what it needs to – just like that.

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