Ambient Marketing! Capture an audience. Incite some giggles.

Because it relies on time-and-location specific elements, ambient marketing can either rock your socks off – or leave you dismal that you were left out. If it’s the latter, sorry for you. Ultimately, it should capture an audience, incite some giggles and get shoppers into your store. While they are there claiming their free gift – sell them something else. If you can do this while using your imagination on a teeny tiny budget – you can make some waves and win over new consumers.

“Catch a photo of a Sundae and get one for free” was the promise from McDonald’s. They did the same with a cup of coffee and a pie, and invited those who were quick on the camera-phone draw to toddle 150m down the road and claim their free prize. No strings attached. There’s no problem of the promo costing the organisation too much moola, because of the time-specific window that the promotion works in. Those who thought they’d bluetooth or MMS the image to their friends and help them out with a free-whatever, would more than likely come up short. And, if their friend made it in time? Well, look. If you are that desperado for a free pie, be McDonald’s’ guest!

Nice use of imagination from DDB Sweden to talk to local consumers and shoppers, while driving volumes.

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