Masterminds at eTV create the untouchable studio

Must be no one at work at 05h44. No one save for these spearheads of hot debate and television masterminds. I’m not that interested in the topic; why Visagie felt he had to throw a perfectly good and defenceless mic system on the floor, or why political analyst Lebogang Pheko thought her outfit was a good idea that morning. I just want to know no one cut away to a boerizza ad? I bang my fists on the table with head thrown back asking the same question over and over again! Why did no one cut away?

Good ads or bad ones, there are plenty of them around. So many in fact, that a live editor should be spoilt for choice when sitting with a dashboard of editing equipment in front of him or her, and a live feed to commandeer to a news-hungry audience. So, what happens when something like this does? When things go awry and the pertinent debate in studio goes from news to notorious? Well, err, nothing if you work at eTV. You can just kick back and stare open mouthed at the unfolding mess on screen as it is happening in studio. Don’t panic. Don’t react. And most importantly, DO NOT deny the kind people at home the opportunity to see the same thing you are.


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