Passion is magnetic

Life in 2011 makes every day a gamble. There’s nothing safe about much anymore, though most of us are still up for the challenge. Gambling has a bad rep for the most part because we assume it has set out to prey on the needs of the desperate. A debate around that subject would be painfully long and boring or, worse still, start a war. It’s all about self control – so they say – of which I have none, so who am I to judge? What works for me is that one of these money-guzzling institutions can spend some of their fortune on art; a beautifully crafted execution like this 90 second commercial by Halo Advertising for Monte Casino.

More than just a script, this is an experience. It reinforces just what a big business the whole casino industry is, revealed through an exquisitely memorable story for all shapes and sizes that reminds us that the casino world is more than just its slot machines, and that there are people just like you and I that like to hang out there. It makes the casino look prettier than it is which is not entirely inexcusable; it’s no different to what all of us do before we leave the house each day.

So, what happens when you put creatives in the same room as the client, each with their own interpretation of what needs to happen? Well, it’s a gamble, isn’t it? And as they say, there is no such thing as a typical gambler. Passion is magnetic and this commercial is proof of that. That when the right minds come together with the same sense of commitment to the project, you can finish your final edit with something vivid like this.

The filmed execution was then expertly translated into this synergistically-sound print / billboard execution.

Credits: Advertising Agency: Halo Advertising, Johannesburg, South Africa; Creative Director: Dean Oelschig; Art Director: Greg Harrison; Copywriters: Michael Oelschig, Clayton Bond.


© Copywriter Dylan Balkind

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