Find your voice, squirrel!

There are a lot of tepid commercial-stories on TV, vying for your attention in an attempt to convince you to buy something you probably don’t need. Luckily, most of the rubbish ones are forgettable enough for you to suffer no impact whatsoever and you will have forgotten them within minutes.

Then there are others that come from the same unnameable place of ideas that Napoleon Dynamite, Dodgeball or Death Becomes Her came from. Case in point: Halls latest TVC – Squirrel by Ogilvy, Cape Town. It may have been conceptualised and scripted after a serious hot-box session with only the finest Durban Poison, but, no matter how, still manages to be one of the most memorable ads on TV at the moment.

Although absurd, this 60 second story for the power of voice is no small feat by anyone’s standards. It’s a big, expensive production that takes a serious shot at strategy in the hopes of delivering ROI for client and agency alike – and it works if you ask me. It may be above or below your own sense of humour but, either way, guarantees memorability of the story and its product for a long, long time. It taps into a uniquely South African sense of humour in a way that Roman’s Pizza tried hard to, but never quite achieved, and leaves you with a strangely satisfied smile on your face. By ticking the boxes for creative storytelling and brand memorability in a truly unique – albeit very odd – message, this TVC is proof that you can have fun in a brainstorm and, if you are really charming, you may even sell your idea to the client.


© Copywriter Dylan Balkind

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