Happy Birthday Boo

Okay… I’m only barely just in time… Sorry so late Boo! The Northern Line was up the pole and the buses were on diversion…

*clears throat*

I thought I’d just paste this song to your timeline from YouTube… but… lo and behold: we are that special. We were one of few (read really, really ridiculously rare) folk who got that really, really ridiculously rare promo CD. So… I imported to here what neither Shazaam nor Soundhound will recognise. Ergo! Sealed, saved, scratched or astray, (almost) nobody but us will be able to button down these beats.

I hope you had a happy, HAPPY birthday! Here a ditty to dance to:

Was super-stellar-special to bump into you and Ang’ last weekend :-)))

Be beautiful.



© Dylan Balkind



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